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Jan 17, 2019 - 01:03 PM FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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Can I import a picture as a background. For example, I would like to use the picture of a golf hole as the background to animated figures playing golf.

You can import a picture as a background. You can also import a sequence of pictures (mybackground001.tga, mybackground002.tga etc.) or an AVI animation as a background.

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Can my animations be used in my new UleadVideoStudio 8 Video editing program. I realise that I can make an AVI file which can be imported into my Video, but what I would like to do is have an animation working as an overlay to my video so that I can see my original scene. For example:- A globe of the world created in Real Soft travelling through space. The video clip of space I would have on the first video track and the globe(RealSoft) on the overlay track with no background to block out my original clip.

You can import Realsoft3D images and animations to your image editing software through a image formats, such as AVI, TGA, BMP or PPM, just to name a few.

Blending 3D graphics and video is achieved through so called "alpha channel" feature. It simply means that empty background or any Realsoft 3D object with zero alpha will render transparent in your overlay track and won't block out your original clip.

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Which formats does Realsoft3D import/export?

-Realviz rz3
-Icarus motion capture import (ascii format)
- Boujou motion tracking import
-JavaScript based File Format allows you to import/ export most commonly used geometric objects.
- Iges (optional plugin)
- VRML (optional plugin)
- Adobe Illustrator import (optional plugin)
- Wavefront OBJ
- Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files from the US Geological Survey

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Will the plugins from Soft-Artist (IGES, VRML and Adobe Illustrator) be available for the forthcoming Mac OS X version too?


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what is GI

GI stands for Global Illumination. It means the renderer simulates not only the light coming directly from light sources, but also the light that is reflected by surfaces.

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