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Jan 17, 2019 - 12:59 PM FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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How to install Realsoft 3D for Linux ?

Install the program by open a terminal window and entering the command:

sh ./realsoft3d-[version]

This opens a graphical installer. If you don't have TCL libraries installed, the graphical installer may not work and the setup runs in text mode. You may also force the install to run in text mode, by passing -t parameter to the setup:

sh ./realsoft3d [version] -t

Start the program by entering 'realsoft3d' in a terminal window. If the program refuses to start,then it is most likely a missing dependency. See what library is missing and install the corresponding package. Typically it is openmotif ( libmotif3 on debian) package that is missing. Most linux repositories include openmotif package so "apt-get install libmotif3" or "yum install openmotif" should do it.

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I have succesfully installed Realsoft 3D but when I try to run it I get a message
saying that avifile cannot be fond and the program refuses to start. Any ideas?

Realsoft 3D plugin (plugins/ needs avifile project ( and you don't have the avifile project installed. Depending on the linux distro this may stop the entire program from running, which is obviously the case here.

To sove the problem, remove the plugins/ plugin file. You may also try to install avifile. However, there has been many problem reports with the avifile project and realsoft supports large number of anim. formats via ffmpeg ( already.

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When I start Realsoft 3D I get a message Cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".

You need to install ffmpeg package from

Exact steps below:

1. Open a console window and 'cd' to your home folder.
2. Fetch the latest ffmpeg sources via cvs by entering the command:

cvs -z9 co ffmpeg

3. cd into the created ffmpeg folder and enter:

./configure --enable-shared

4. Buid the librarie by entering:


5. Install the libraries:

sudo make install

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Running Realsoft 3D on Ubuntu 5.10 gives several xlib: extension "DOUBLE BUFFER" missing on display errors and I see flickering in many windows. What do I need to install to fix this?

You need to load dbe extension. Add the following line in the Module section of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file:

Load "dbe"

Realsoft uses dbe extension for implementing double buffered rendering on X canvases.

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realsoft3d fails to start under ubuntu 5.10 with the following message: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.
I have installed so I created a symbolic link to it, but now the program crashes.

You need to install package!

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Problem with Realsoft 3D and Fedora Core 5.

When I try the install Realsoft 3D on Fedora Core 5 I get the messaqe "You have not yet downloaded and extracted the support files. Download the file realsoft3d_files.tar.gz and extract it in this same directory to get the full environment." The setup works fine with FC4 and any other linux distor I have sted it on.

We cannot confirm this problem. We have tested the setup on several Fedora Core 5 systems, including the 64 bit distro and setup works fine.

If you have installed tcl package and the setup runs in GUI mode, try starting the setup
with '-t' startup parameter. This forces the installer to use text based interface and use only very standard unix programs, such as tar.

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I built and installed the ffmpeg libraries (btw: they use svn nowadays). However, the program can't use them. I get an error message: /usr/local/lib/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied.

You are using SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux).

Enter the following command (as a super user):

chcon -t texrel_shlib_t /usr/local/lib/libav*

This will change the security context for the ffmpeg libraries so that Realsoft 3D can load them.

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I'm trying to install Realsoft3D on a Fedora Core 6. It installs ok, but trying to run the program gives an error about missing I installed the lesstif packages, but the program won't run but gives error message about missing callbacks or something. How can I run the program on FC6?

Realsoft3D does not work with lesstif. Lesstif is not a full implementation of Motif and some of the required features are missing.

Uninstall lestiff packages and install the openmotif packages.You can download them, for example, here:

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I'm trying to install Realsoft3D on Ubuntu 6.10, Edgy Eft. The setup script gives the following error message:

./findlibs.linux: 37: /usr/local/realsoft3d/glibcver: not found

and typing 'realsoft3d' on a terminal window gives an error message "bin/Realsoft3D No such file or directory". Please help.

You are trying to run 32 bit Realsoft3D on a 64 bit Ubuntu. By default the libraries needed to run 32 bit applications are not installed.

Use the synaptic package manager to install the package "libc6-i386" and "ia32-libs". Then run the realsoft3d setup again.

You will also have to install 32 bit version of various X11 packages, including openmotif3 package. As of this writing, there seem to be no debian package which would contain library.

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How can I rotate the view window in Realsoft 3D since Linux uses Alt for other things?

Disable Alt for Linux. For example, on Ubuntu select System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts. Find the Alt short cuts and clear them.

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