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Two new Plugins for Realsoft 3D

Posted by: Admin on Tuesday, May 08, 2007 - 08:25 AM Print article Printer-friendly page  Email to a friend
Realsot 3D
Delta Knowledge has released two plugin products for Realsoft 3D v5: Chrono and Revolution4D.

Chrono::R3D is a multibody simulation software. It can be used for multibody analysis, complex collision simulations, real-time animation of vehicles and other simulation tasks of complex mechanisms.

The plugin is available in two versions. The entry level Chrono::R3D Studio plugin costs 150 Euros, and the more extensive Chrono::R3D Extreme edition costs 320 Euros. Both plugins have the same simulation features, but the extreme edition has the ability to save save plots and graphs of recorded variables.

Delta Knowledge has given the following generous introduction offer: Customers, who purchase the Chrono::R3D plugin before the 6th of June 2007, will get the Extreme edition at the cost of the Studio edition! You can purchase the plugin from the web shop of

Chrono simulation system is also available as a standalone middleware product. Software developers can easily take advantage of the advanced algorithms contained in the CHRONO::ENGINE library. For more information, please visit

The second released plugin is Revolution4D. This plugin expands the modeling features of the Realsoft3D software by integrating the functionality of the OpenCASCADE geometric kernel. For example, Revolution4D can load complex 3D models generated by high-end CAD modelers in STEP or IGES formats. Revolution4D is available free of cost in the Software Updates area of

Chrono and Revolution4D are first released for the Windows platforms. They require the latest Realsoft 3D v5 SP4.

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