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Topic: Solaris operating system

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The second release of realOgre

Posted by: realsoft on Monday, March 14, 2005 - 12:45 PM 486 Reads
Solaris operating system

RealOgre is an exporter plugin for the Realsoft3D modeler to produce media files for the open source 3D engine Ogre.

More information.

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Free plugins for Realsoft v5.1

Posted by: realsoft on Monday, December 20, 2004 - 11:43 AM 529 Reads
Solaris operating system
Carlo has released the following free plugins for Realsoft3D V5.1
  • SDSpecular
  • RealMoca
  • SkelDia-SkinManager
You can download them from:

NOTE that you need the latest Realsoft3D V5.1 installed.

Thanks Carlo.

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Articles: Plugins available for RealSoft 3D

Posted by: realsoft on Friday, October 22, 2004 - 05:09 PM 1458 Reads
Solaris operating system

Plugins available for RealSoft 3D

Quake3 plug-in

There is a new plug-in for exporting SDS models to Quake3 arena md3 format. Currently the plug-in is available only for the linux version. Registered linux users can download the plug-in from Software Updates / Linux area.

<b class="vrgrafixText">Marc Bayer

AQC3D Import/Export plug-in

Marc Bayer has implemented AC3D import/export plug-in for the linux version of Realsoft3D. You can download the plug-in from Software Updates / Linux page.

<b class="vrgrafixText">Dynadream

DynAtomic is a multi dynamic simulation plugins developed for Realsoft3D, it support various kind of dynamic objects like cloths, soft and rigid objects.

DynAtomic consists of :
  • Cloth - Cloth garment simulator module
  • Wobble - Semi-rigid-soft body dynamic simulator module
  • Boom - Advanced particle system dynamic module
  • Hair - Hair-fur simulator module

SDSpecular: Carlo released his plugin called SDSpecular, which helps you with SDS modelling. It is able to display a poly and a smooth version of your SDS model. This can make SDS modelling a tad easier. Available for both Windows and Linux for free!

RealMoca: another free Dynadream plugin that allows you to import Biovision© BVH motion capture files

Interview with Carlo . For a p personal profile on Carlo .

<b class="vrgrafixText">Delta Engineering

Chrono - Multibody simulator
Chrono is a multi-flexible-body 3D simulation software. It allows you to perform simulations of whatever virtual mechanism you can model on your computer, made of parts (either solid or flexible), actuators, motors, links between parts, spring, dampers, etc.
For example you can build a car, turn the engine on, drive it and watch the roadhandling during manouvers: the results are physically correct. The car will behave as if it had real tyres, steering arms, springs, suspensions. Each part has properties such as mass, inertia, elasticity, resilience, surface friction, thermal coefficient, and so on. It is possible to treat some parts as flexible bodies using FEM (finite element method) advanced non-linear dynamics.
Useful for biomechanical studies, impact and crash test researches, cloth simulation, character animation, physically-based modelling and much more.
(Page has been updated with new images and example animations)

Currently under beta testing now - awsome stuff ! For interview with Alessandro click here. For a personal profile on Alessandro click here.

Schmeling consulting:

Bricks shader - VSL material object
Bricks is a VSL object for rendering various types of bricks, scales or shingles. It provides easy-to-use controls for setting its parameters while retaining full flexibility for rendering complex patterns. It is provided as Freeware

Cellular shader
The cellular shader plugin is a VSL object for rendering various types of cellular patterns. It is an implementation of Steve Worley's Cellular Texture Basis Function. It is provided as Freeware

Random Scratches
Random Scratches is a VSL shader object which calculates scratch-like surface details, useful for ageing the appearance of objects. It is provided as Freeware

Wavefront OBJ import/export plugin
Wavefront OBJ import/export imports Wavefront OBJ files into Realsoft3D and exports geometric objects from Realsoft3D to Wavefront OBJ format. It is provided as Freeware

USGS DEM import
USGS DEM import imports Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) into Realsoft3D. It is provided as Freeware

Photoshop import / export
The Photoshop image format plugin reads and writes Photoshop .psd files. It is provided as Freeware

Michaels webpage can be found at: For interview with Michael click here.


Illustrator import
Illustrator files can now be imported into Realsoft 3D ! This new plugin enables any Illustrator v3.0 or earlier file to be imported into RS3D as Nurbs curves, or polygonal shapes. Officially, only v3 files work, but anything upto v10 should work also. Allowing powerful curve editing features of Illustrator to be used for object creation. GREAT for importing logos. AI import plugin can now be purchsed through Realsoft Graphics Webshop.

An SDS/polyface reduction tool. Allows the user to reduce the amount of faces of an object interactively.

Allows the user to specify where an SDS object can be broken. Allows several objects as cut planes - creating a new shape for each cut. Useful for object simplification / creating explosions etc.

VRML import/export
VRML is an abbreviation for Virtual Reality Modelling Language. Its main application is for creating low polygon environments for the web. Available now.. Import and Exporting supported.

IGES import/export
IGES is a popular import/export format used by CAD programs and High end 3D applications. Its advantages over DXF or 3ds is it natively handles NURBS meshes and curves. As Realsoft 3D is a powerful 3D NURBS modeller as well as SDS modeller - IGES allows users to import / export files from applications such as Microstation (CAD), Maya (High end 3D package) and many others. Applications such as NuGraf and Polytrans can read in IGES files and export them in turn to 3ds. Lightwave files etc.
To be released as a seperate plugin - available now. Interview with Kimmo .

DAM Entertainment:

Promethean FX composite
PrometheanFX is an easy-to-use, yet advanced 3D particle effects application. It allows you to create breathtaking effects quickly and allows you to merge them seamlessly with pre-generated images from many 3D applications such as 3D Studio MAX™ (via VRML'97), Cinema4D™, Lightwave™ v5.x+, Realsoft3D™, and World Contruction Set™.

Primarily used for its Real-time OPGL display of effects and particle systems, can be composited onto scenes created from Realsoft3D, importing the cameras and lights and add the effects to the rendered output.

more info at DAM entertainment website: Interview with DAM coming. Stay tuned.

CSC-Scientific Computing Ltd

Protein Data Bank import
has developed plug-ins for importing PDB (Protein Data Bank) molecule files and volumetric voxel data. For more information, email

Frank Dodd

Visual RPL
Visual RPL does its best to make RPL more accessible to Realsoft users, RPL can be quite daunting and difficult to program in, mainly because it is based on FORTH which takes quite a different direction from other programming languages. However VRPL takes small pieces of RPL code and uses them in natural English sentences to construct programs using little more than some logical thinking and some algebra. Great little utility - more info / file download from:

Frank is currently working on creating VRPL into a Java compatible application suitable for Version 4.5 - Almost in Beta testing. For an interview with Frank. A profile on Frank.


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