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Modeling tutorials

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Creating leaves, using 3D particles

Creating leaves, using 3D particles

Tutorial by Robert den Broeder and Bernie den Hertog' A tutorial for intermediate to experienced users. Awesome 3D particle leaves tutorial.

View the tutorial

Generating new characters from a template character

Tutorial by Frank Dodd

View the tutorial
Corrosion Tute

Metaball Object tutorial

Tutorial by Pat Tutorials for creating displacement like effects using Metaballs. Also shows the effect of volume inverting metaballs. You may add this to the Realsoft Manual by expanding the zip file in x:\realsoft\realsoft3d\manual\modeling\metaball\ No files will be overwritten.

View the tutorial

Files available for download:
project file (99kt zip file)

Booleans in Realsoft 3D

Created by VRgrafix, Bernie den Hertog. Advanced Tutorial on Boolean Operations.

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