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Jan 21, 2019 - 11:59 PM  

Problem with new floating view window

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New View Window in v5.1

by Frank "The Rookie" Dodd

Problem:When you have loaded a scene file into RS3D, go to the menu Windows and select "View Window", after that, a new view window appears, but it is totally empty!!!

Solution by Frank Dodd: Did you save off a project off as sections including windows with the floating view window open? I cant put my finger on the root cause of the floating window problem but one thing that can easily cause it (although not perminantly) is to save off a heavily loaded GUI created in v4.5 or earlier, an environment with tabs and view windows and UV Windows and etc ... then when you load the project back in all the view windows are grey and dead.

To correct your problem open your floating view window, switch to GUI Edit mode from the Customisation menu, open the available objects window from the customisation menu and from the App Window Tab drag a new view window onto the grey surface of your floating view window. You will probably now see two view windows pop into life, right click on one of them and select delete. Now switch off GUI Edit mode and close down all floating windows and the problem should be fixed.

If this is happening regularly go to your Realsoft3D/Windows folder and make the file 'View Window' write protected (after you have fixed it of course) this will stop you saving changes to this window but will also stop it being corrupted.



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