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Jan 22, 2019 - 01:09 AM  

Setting point to the same coordinate..

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Setting point to the same coordinate..

by Stefan Gustafsson ( Beg-inner )

How is it possible to select points and give them the same coordinate position. I.e. the same x position, but y and z should be individual/not changed!?

Setting point to the same coordinate.. Do you have your input fields set to 'Three fields' ? It is found in the menu 'File/Preferences/Window..' in the 'Metrics' Tab (Now you can change only 'x' field... )

Or you can work directly in the 'View' Window and/or use it in combo with the 'Numberic' Window

  • Select all points that you need to position..
  • Start 'Extend' Tool 'l' key (little L hehe), and roughly move your mouse where you want your points to be placed
  • Press 'n' key (to enter Numeric Mode, IF you need accurate placement, IF not just skip this Step and Click in 'View' window), type in your needed 'x' value and hit 'Return' key
  • Hold Down 'x' key (to restrict the 'Extend' Tool to work in only 'x' direction), then move the mouse anywhere beyond the last of the points (This dont have to be exact, but needs to be beyond all needed points !), and Click in 'View' Port
  • Press 'n' key, then in the 'Length' field, type 0 and hit 'Return' key (this will move your points to your wanted 'x' position)
(I use this workflow for many other things when I want to align points...or flatten SDS faces and so on)



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