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Jan 17, 2019 - 12:54 PM  

How to set up a daylight effect

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Tips and Tricks

How to set up a daylight effect

by Jason Saunders

Whether I am creating an interior or exterior, I always create sky environment spheres. The trick is to use a high res sky map and turn the texture output to illumination instead of colour. Add a colour constant to the same shader and make it black. Now when you render in GI you see the sky without any alteration to its original colours, but it is now projecting illumination values based on the colours of the sky image. Its a poor mans HDRI, but quite effective even on interiors.

You may want to add a curve object to the shader with illumination input/output to take greater control over the illumination output in your scene.

I also use a spot light set as a distant light source for my sun.

With these interiors I have had to use interior spot lights to initialise the materials. However it is possible to get nice renders without any interior lights at all (as with 'image 4 - Nell Interior' in the residential example section on my site). Play around with ramping up the sun light source and for best results you must adjust the 'GI-brightness control' curve to get the ambiance you require.



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