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Jan 17, 2019 - 01:04 PM  

To simulate HDR lighting in RS without HDR images

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Tips and Tricks

To simulate HDR lighting in RS without HDR images

by David Coombes

If taking a scene, take a photo from a tripod at one exposure, than at a shorter exposure to catch the details in the highlights, giving you two pictures.

Then to map this image to an object, create a VSL material with two texture objects..

FLOAT highlights
highlights = Texture(coords) : Shorter exposure pic
highlights *= (10,10,10) : Multiplier for bright spots. Crank as high as you like
Illumination = Texture(coords) : Normal photo
Illumination += highlights : Add the highlights on top

Of course I wasn't using HDR lighting as RS didn't have GI back then, but in reflections this produced dynamic highlights not possible with conventional images. I also took an existing photo, changed the brightness/contrast so only highlights were kept and blurred these a bit, to add these as the highlights. Worked very well for a 'skylight' in a room.

It may not be mathematically correct HDR but it has the same results such that the eye doesn't notice it's wrong.



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