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Jan 22, 2019 - 12:36 AM  

Skeleton and IK object

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Tips and Tricks

Tip on how to use Inverse Kinematics object with skeleton

by Glenn McLean

I found that creating and attaching an Inverse Kinematics object (located on the construction tab) makes it a bit easier.

Selecting the tool allows one to create a sphere in the view window. Just move the sphere so it is surrounding the joint/joints you want to control and select Bind Sibling from the control bar. This attaches the IK object to those joints. Moving the sphere will move the joints on the skeleton. Then animate the IK object rather than the skeleton directly.

You will still get a bit of slippage but it is much easier to clean up using the curves in the choreograph window. (You only have to deal with the translation of the sphere, not the multiple angles of the skeleton).



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