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Jan 17, 2019 - 12:55 PM  

Butterfly -copy and mirror a animated wing

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Butterfly -copy and mirror a animated wing

by Stefan Gustafsson

Want to just animate one wing, then copy and mirror that animated wing ? Here is a workaround.. that I used in V4.5, it seems its needed here too.. in V5.

  1. In 'Select Window' select the "wing" object, and Drop it into a new level, by pressing 'd' key.
  2. Select your "wing" object inside the new level, and Animate it.
  3. In 'Select Window' now select the 'Level' that "wing" object is inside of. Then press (Ctrl + d keys) to duplicate, (The duplicate will now be automatically Selected)
  4. Activate the 'Mirror' Tool, 'o' key, and then click 2 times in the 'View Window' to instruct RS the line about it should Mirror



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