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Rendering outlines

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Tips and Tricks

Rendering outlines

by David Coombes

Assign the SDS object a uniform Identifier value:

  • Create VS material.
  • Add Surface Properties Shader
  • Add constant
  • Set constant's output to surface:identifer
  • Choose constant's value.
When rendering outlines RS draws a uniform outline around surfaces with the same identifier.

For rendering thicker outlines, use the LINE post-effect.
  • Go to PostFX pacel of select window
  • right-click empty space and choose New>Line. This fattens black pixels by default to double size.

Available files: kt)

To make things easier for outline rendering, load the available project over your project without replace. This adds a material and post effect. Apply the material "SetIdentifier" to any SDS or NURBS objects you have. Then open up the object's Properties window and in the "Surface Properties" panel at the top, change the attribute from "Color" to "id". You can use this to set the identifer and can use values larger than 0.0-1.0. The value doesn't matter as long as it's unique. Two objects with the same id number won't have edges rendered where they overlap.



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