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Jan 22, 2019 - 12:00 AM  

An example how to set up Distributed Rendering

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Distributed Rendering

by Arjo Rozendaal

Let's take three machines. One machine you actually use to create your scenes on (name: workstation). One machine is practically doing nothing so could be used as a permanent render engine (name: boss). This machine will act as the central distributor. The third machine is for instance a machine the rest of your family uses to play games, surf etc (name: family).

Setting up the system

  • Start the PRS program on the machine called "boss".
  • On this same machine start the RendW deamon.
  • If "activate rendering" box is checked, uncheck it to be able to access settings.
  • In the settings skip the first section and fill out the second section called "public render server"
    • check "make public"
    • the host name is boss, port 10050
    • the public host is boss, port 10051
    • check activate rendering box on top of the window
  • Now go to the machine called family. Start the RendW deamon.
    • uncheck "activate rendering"
    • the host name is family, port 10050
    • the public host name is boss, port 10051
    • check "activate rendering"
  • Go to your workstation and start Realsoft. In the render settings you want to use, open the distr tab.
    • activate box rendering
    • PRS host field should read "boss:10051"
    • check "use PRS host" box just above this field.

    The last two steps must be done in this order otherwise the system will complain about not being able to find host, as it is looking at the wrong place.
If you did it correctly the names of the machines boss and family should show up in the hosts field below. When you start rendering the workstation, boss and family are all contributing.

You can add the PRS program and RendW to your startup items to let them start with windows startup. Just remember that the PRS program should be started before the deamons. It looks as if the PRS does not look for deamons itself. The deamons are looking for the server. So if you start them in the wrong order the deamons don't show up on the list. If it happens that a deamon was started before the server, maybe after a reset of the server, you must quit the deamon and restart it again. If you want to start the deamons invisible you can either use RendD or the RendW iconified.



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