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Jan 22, 2019 - 12:22 AM  

Create a camera from your wanted view

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tips and tricks

Problem to save your wanted view to the camera try this simple macro

by Stefan Gustafsson

So here, from a Fresh started RS (With NOTHING selected, just click in an empty space in the 'Select' Window)
  • Activate a 'Perspective' View Window
  • Macro Record ON (Ctrl + m keys)
  • In Menu, Select 'Tools/Creation/Create Camera' and Press (Return key)
  • Press (k key) TWICE (This workaround updates the Camera as it should, so it matches the View that you want or You can use the Popup menu in view window, RMB click in View and select 'Camera/View to Object' TWICE)
  • Macro Record OFF (Ctrl + m keys)
  • Test the Macro (Take a wanted view (Alt + drag LMB) and when having a wanted view, press (Ctrl + g keys), Then drag the Created Camera from the 'Select' Window and drop it into the 'Perspective' View, if the View changes, something is wrong with the Macro, If staying the same, Macro is OK..)
Bind it to a key..
  • In 'Select' Window click the 'Named Macros' Tab (3rd Tab from Right)
  • In that Tab, First click the + infront of 'Key bindings' then click the + infront of 'Named Macros' (So both of them show listings in their window parts)
  • In the 'Named Macros' window, the "current" macro is selected (the one you created above!) (If not, select it !)
  • Double click the name "current" and rename it to "Create MyCamera" (without the quotes)
  • In 'Key bindings' window, click the 'Key' Field, Press (c key), now only a "c" should show up in the 'Key' Field ! (or other key that you want, maybe (Alt + c keys) and then click the 'Bind' Button ! (Now the "Create MyCamera" macro is bound to the (c key), Test so it works, by take a view and press (c key)
Save to 'Startup' project (To make it permanent...)
  • Reset all stuff you changed while making the macro... like Views, in 'Select' window set back to 'Geometric Object' Tab, Delete all added extra object (Cameras and such that got created while testing macros and so on....)
  • In Menu, choose 'File/Save as Startup'
Now you can create a camera from your wanted view, by pressing (c key) =)



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