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Jan 17, 2019 - 12:52 PM  

Interpolating rectangles and their maps

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Interpolating rectangles and their maps

by Stefan Gustafsson

If you really do want to use Analytic Rectangles or other analytics etc.. and dont need the extra points for flexible meshes.. you can use the UVImage Tool ! (This will make and attach needed materials as a Direct Texture to the Object...and follow the simple edits you do the object, even in point edit mode..!)
  1. Create your Analytic Rectangle and your needed materials...
  2. Test render and see so the Rectangle renders your material as you want...
  3. In 'Select' Window, Select your Rectangle
  4. In the 'Tabbed Tool bar', Select the 'Materials' Tab (3rd from Right) (not in 'Select' Window !, But Above it !)
  5. Click the 'UVImage' Tool button, Set your needed resolution, and Set Type --> Evaluate, now just Click 'Accept' (Depending on how detailed your materials are..!, The more Detailed materials that are Evaluated, then set Higher Resolution Values ) (It has now attached a direct Texture to your Rectangle, it shows up in the 'Property' Window under the 'Col' Tab in the 'Texture' Field, You can also add one here directly without using the 'UVImage' Tool)
  6. Select your material mappings you used to texture your object and Either Delete or Drop into a level (with RT and WF inv set) , (Since you wont need it/them)
  7. Put your Analytic Rectangle into the 'Interpolator' Level, make copies from your Analytic them as you want, even edit them in 'Point Edit Mode' and so on..
  8. Set the 'Interpolator' settings to your liking and render.. =)



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